Do Mouse Books contain abridged works?

The selections vary from text to text. Some works are included in their entirety (esp. short stories and poetry). Other books contain key selections from larger works. For example, in the Brothers Karamazov (Mouse Book edition) we chose two long chapters: 'Rebellion' and 'The Grand Inquisitor.' All of our selections stand on their own and require no prior context for understanding.

Our goal is to get access to the core elements of storytelling of a given author. If you find that you like a smaller episode that is part of a larger work, you can (and should!) go get the full book. You could think about this as listening to individual tracks without having to listen to an entire album.

Why would I subscribe instead of buying four 3-Packs?

Tons of reasons! It’s far less expensive per book, provides guaranteed access to limited edition content, and gives you access to lots of subscriber-only goodies (incl. books, prototypes, surveys, promotions, etc.). Moreover, it puts you in the heart of the Mouse Book Club community and a movement that is bringing literature back to life.

Are the 3-Packs limited edition?

It varies. Some are, and some aren’t. Generally, our 3-Packs are marked on the inside cover as first, second, third, etc. generation if we reprint them. However, we reserve the right to cancel a series at any time, so get them while they’re available!\

Do I get to pick which 3-Pack goes into my subscription box?

Nope. The limited-edition Quarterly Theme series for a given quarter goes into every subscription box (along with the bonus books, of course). We believe there’s something valuable to be gleaned for everyone in every single series we compile, and we hope you feel the same.

Can I subscribe if I live outside of the United States?

Much to our chagrin, you cannot (though we’re working on it!). In lieu of a subscription, we offer our international supporters a one-time shipment containing a year’s worth of Mouse Books. We really valuable our global support, so we make sure that these boxes are totally awesome. You can expect to receive a given quarter’s theme, along with several 3-Packs in stock in our store, plus some phenomenal surprises.

My Mouse Book is ruined! Can you help?

Coffee? Bonfire? Mud? Seawater? Nobody should suffer because he or she was daring enough to bring powerful literature into the world. Let us know if your Mouse Book(s) fell victim to the forces of nature/public transit/camping/etc. We will get you back in the game.

I’ve already read some of the books/excerpts in the series I received… What gives?

Kudos to you for being a student of the written word! We believe there is always another valuable kernel buried in every story. If you’ve already read a work we supplied, we encourage you to read it again on-the-go. If you’re deeply unhappy with this circumstance and/or response, we encourage you to give your redundant Mouse Book away to someone who could benefit from it. Luckily for you, giving away a Mouse Book is one of the best feelings in the world.

I read my Mouse Book… Now what?

Listen to the podcast! Listen to the audiobook! Read our blogs! Write your own blog! Start your own podcast! Start a book club! As for the physical book… give it a home on your bookshelf or, if you’re feeling charitable, pass it along and truly Mobilize Literature.

How can I support Mouse Books, aside from buying books?

Selling books is just one way we achieve a mission: Mobilizing Literature. You can advance this cause by supporting any charity that bolsters education, liking our Instagram page, telling a friend about Mouse Books, posting one of our links to social media, or just bringing a book out into the world the next time you leave your house.

Can you help me start a book club?

Yes! We don’t have a system in place for this yet, but contact us. We will work with you. The world needs more book clubs!